5 Secrets to Develop Positive Growth Mindset

 5 secrets to develop positive growth mindset

5 secrets to positive growth mindset

It is now known that positivity is very important in our journey to achieving our goals and being successful. Being positive does not only make you happy but it changes your life for the better and help you develop a positive growth mindset.

The question now is, how can you be positive in other to grow your mind? Well in this article we will explore secrets to develop a positive growth mindset.

Developing a positive mindset is very important because the mind is the main driver of the body activities. Developing a positive growth mindset will help you achieve anything in life.

Her are 5 secrets to develop positive growth mindset:

1) Surround yourself with positive people:

Surrounding yourself with successful and positive people will influence and touch your own personal energy. Positive people will energize and urge you to grow believing that you can achieve what you want in life. You need leave a negative environment and people who criticize and dismantle any progress you make.

You have to engage yourself with the right people who will help improve your growth mindset and also help you remain on track by energizing you towards your own goal.

The question now is “How do you discover these positive people?

the following are few tips on how you can find them and get useful information and advice.

I) Smile: I know it sounds ridiculous but smiling can immediately draw individuals towards you especially The positive people.it will also help you save some energy as we might have heard that it takes fewer Muscles to smile than to frown, so by always having a smiling face you are showing positivism to the world and also saving energy.

II) Stay positive: Positive people are going to be attracted to you when you stay positive. How do you stay positive? By always looking like things are moving fine for you even if it is not. I know this may be hard but just do it. Don’t be a complainer because positive people hate such attitude.

III) Think positively: To find positive people, you must learn how to think like them. Positive thinking will bring you closer to positive people. As science says that like charges attracts. So when you think positively, you will start behaving positively and they will be attracted to you.


2) Make use of positive affirmations:

Positive affirmations help create amazing result in our thoughts. It is one the great contributor to positive growth mindset. To create a positive affirmation, there are some things you need to know:

I) Positive affirmations need to be expressed in present tense. Example “I am”, “I am now”.

II) Positive affirmations need to be specific. Example “I am happy that I make $1000 daily”.

III) Positive affirmations need to be constantly and consistently repeated I other to produce result.

IV) Positive affirmations are best utilized with emotions.

V) Positive affirmations need to be realistic.

VI) Positive affirmations work best when used along with visualization.

VII) Positive affirmations need to be short and sweet.

VIII) Positive affirmations need to be executed in other to work.


3) Stop thinking negatively:

Once you start using positive affirmations as a daily routine, it is very important to avoid negative thinking. Thou it is easier said than done but it’s something you must do. You need to have the courage to block this negative thoughts in other to achieve your goals.

This few tips will help you stop negative thinking:

I) Set up a realistic goal: to stop thinking negatively, you need a realistic goal. For instance you may say that every week you will stop one part of your negative behavior. Then your focus that whole week is to stop that single negativity. When you achieve that one, you set another goal. Just know that stopping negativity won’t happen overnight. 

II) Always surround yourself with positive individuals: Surrounding yourself with positive people is a quick way to get the negativity out. You don’t have to dump your friends that think negatively but excuse yourself whenever there conversation topic turns negative.

III) Always be conscious of when the negativity is about to enter your mindset and stop it. Change the thought to positive immediately by listening to inspiring music, motivational sayings, reading inspirational quotes, and positive affirmations.

IV) Always reward yourself whenever you resist a negative thought.

4) Set Goals:

Setting goals is a very important step in growing your positive mindset and becoming successful. In setting goals, always make it realistic, achievable and reachable. For instance, as a business startup you can’t just set a goal to make $50000 daily. This is unrealistic goal and might not be achievable rather it will end up destroying the effort you have made to be more positive.

Below are some tips to guide you on how to make your goals achievable:

I) Keep record of your daily or weekly advancement including affirmations, success, obstacles, resistance, appreciations for your hard work…… Record them in a journal (your goal journal) and review your progress regularly.

II) Get yourself into positive state before writing your business ideas or goals. You can do so by reading motivational quotes, meditation, listening to motivational tapes, taking a walk in a naturally beautiful place.

III) Bring your ideas together by quickly writing it down in a book immediately after meditation.

IV) Always consider these potential of life when writing goals: career, finance, family, friends, relationship, home, self-respect, wellness and personal development.

V) Make a time frame for your goal. Like 30day goal, immediate goal, 6 months goal, 1 year goal and longer.

VI) Prepare a step-by-step plan: To achieve a goal, you need to have a plan. Setting out a step-by-step plan is one of the major thing you must do when setting goals.

5) Always be grateful:

Showing appreciation to all the positive things you have achieved regardless how small it is will help you to successfully remove negativity and improve your positive growth mindset. Being grateful will improve your happiness and urge to continue in a right path to achieving your goals.



I thank you for reading 5 secrets to develop positive growth mindset and urge you to try your best to stop thinking negatively. I believe that I have given you enough information to help you eradicate negativity. Share with your friend.



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