9 Smart Things You Should Do Before Bed to Help You Sleep Better and Wake Up Strong

9 things you should do before bedtime for a better sleep

Research shows that high quality sleep boost our health and make us feel stronger. But in the world today, there are some people that does not sleep better or barely sleep in the night. This may be due to stress, distractions from friends and technologies, poor life planning and overthinking.

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has a negative effect in our health as it increases disease risks in the body. That’s why you should focus on high quality sleep. So, if you are having trouble sleeping in the night, I have tips for you on the things you need to do before bed to help you sleep better and wake up strong in the morning.

Here are 9 things you should do before bedtime for a better sleep:

1) Take a warm shower:

taking shower
Research shows that taking a warm shower in the night help improve quality sleep and help you sleep faster. It is advisable to take a warm shower 30-60 minutes before bed for a better sleep.


2) Stop watching movies/using social media 30 minutes before bed:

someone using social media
This may be a very difficult thing to do as we already addicted to these technologies. But we need to control this technologies instead of allowing it to control us.

Have you noticed that after watching a movie, you will be reflecting the actions from that movie for couple of minutes before it disappears? That’s why you need to leave the movie earlier before you sleep for a faster and better sleep. This is also applicable to social medias.

By turning off your social media network 30 minutes before bed will help remove your mind from open discussions, chats and comments you haven’t replied. It will equally help you sleep better and wakeup strong.


3) Write down what you achieved for the day in your journal:

someone writing inside journal
End each day by writing down what you have achieved and be grateful for it no matter how small it is. Studies shows that doing this before you sleep will help fill your mind with joy and happiness thereby leading to a better sleep.

Therefore at the end of each day, write down at least five things you achieved during the day and be grateful for it.


4) Plan your night meals:

night meals
Sometime what we eat in the night and the time we take our night meals contribute to poor quality sleep because food digest faster when we are not sleeping and there are some foods that take time to digest. That’s why you need to plan your night meals.

Avoid late night meals especially food high in fat content. Instead take your night meals 2 – 3 hours before sleep. At this time, proper digestion might have taken place and you can now sleep better and wakeup strong and healthy in the morning.


5) Avoid taking liquids such as alcohol and caffeine close to bedtime:

coffee and alcohol
Alcohol and caffeine are not advisable to be taken before you sleep.

Alcohols can disturb your sleep and make you feel less restful which will lead to poor quality sleep. If you must take alcohol, do that 3 – 4 hours before bedtime so that it will be out of your system before you sleep.

Caffeine is best taken in the morning or in the daytime as it can enhance focus, energy and sport performance. But taking it close to bedtime will disrupt your sleep and prevent your body from natural relaxation in the night. To avoid this, take caffeine 8 – 10 hours before bedtime and enjoy a better sleep in the night.

6) Stop long daytime siesta:

woman taking siesta
Studies shows that short siesta between 5 – 30 minutes are important as it enhance daytime brain functions and help you sleep better in the night. But when your siesta is longer than 30 minutes, it will be very harmful as it will make you struggle to sleep in the night.

7) Read before you sleep:

someone reading
In other to sleep better, try reading motivational books before you sleep. This will help fill your mind with positivity. You can read motivational quotes, adventure book, motivational poems and motivational stories. This is a great way to achieve a high quality sleep.


8) Play music:

someone playing music
Music has been proven to be a great way to maintain positivity. This also implies that music can help you sleep better and faster. You don’t need to play any type of music as some of them will distract you instead of making you fall asleep.

Consider playing instrumentals with low tempo, pitch and beat or play already made music for sleep from youtube. Any other music outside instrumentals may distract your sleep.

9) Meditation:

someone meditating
Meditation is an act of focusing the mind in a particular positive thought or activity so as to make the mind achieve a clear and calm emotion in a stable state. After each day it is advisable to put your mind in a very calm state through meditation.

Once your mind is calm, you will have a better sleep and wake up very strong in the morning.



Thank you for taking time to read smart things you should do before bed to help you sleep better and wake up strong. I hope the article helped?. Remember that sharing is caring so don’t forget to share this post on social medias.



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