Tips on How to Stay Motivated As a New Blogger


Maybe you are a new blogger or have been blogging for some weeks, months or even years, and things are not moving exactly how you thought. I have some tips for you on how to improve your motivation as a new blogger.


Blogging is a good passive income opportunity that requires some initial hard work. Your day dream might be to become a professional blogger and enjoy your dream life. But by looking at your blog, you may feel demotivated.


I have to tell you that you can achieve that your goal and enjoy your dream life. You just have to find the right way to make yourself feel motivated. I believe that with a good amount of motivation, hard work and consistency, you can achieve that goal.


How can you stay motivated as a new blogger?

Here are six tips on how to stay motivated so as not to give up on your blog:



 One of the major contributor to staying motivated as a new blogger is to draft out a writing plan which will help you stay consistent in blogging.


How does this work? You just have to dedicate some certain hours of the day to make a research on the type of article you want to write and make sure to write the article that day. You can equally set out plans on the number of articles you will write in a day, a week, and a month making sure that you follow your plan.


The ideas here is to maintain a consistency and frequently publish fresh contents. You can equally create a conducive environment to make it possible in to achieving your writing plans. The conducive environment may be, setting a small office space in your home or room and taking away anything that may disturb you.


Always remember to set a reminder so that you will not miss out on your writing plan.



 As a new blogger, setting a realistic and achievable goals will lead to great success.

In setting goals as a new blogger, start by setting daily goals, then weekly goals, then monthly goals, then yearly goals. For instance your daily goal can be to write to write make research and write one blog post.


Your weekly goal can be to make a research for the first three days of the week and write the article in the remaining days of the week. Same goes to your monthly goals.


You can make you goals broad by setting a social media marketing plan. That’s how you will be sharing your post on social media after publishing it. You can also get a mentor who will assist you by reviewing your work and helping you optimize your blog for SEO.


Always remember that blogging is slow and steady passive income stream. So, don’t give up if you are not seeing any visitor to your blog. Stay consistent and motivated to growing your blog and you will that you will be getting positive results.



 This is one of the interesting part of blogging. As a new blogger, you might start by interacting with other bloggers by asking questions and learning from them.


The question now is, how can I find blogger forum? There are many online forums for bloggers to share ideas together. You can become a member and ask your questions, share your work, share a review and equally receive a nice review, and equally learn the trending strategies for blogging.


You can find bloggers forum on Facebook groups and also LinkedIn groups for bloggers, reddit and also quora space for bloggers. Just join them and participate in the forum.

Forum also help you to find collaborators and partner with them in other to grow your blogs together.



As a new blogger, it is advisable to appreciate and celebrate a small positive improvement in your blog. According to studies, showing self-gratitude help in improving positivity which will help you maintain consistency.


This will help you stay motivated especially in your few months to blogging. As a beginner, you may not be making a monetary gain in your initial stage of blogging, but it should not stop you from consistently creating and publishing articles.


Make sure to appreciate yourself on any small improvement like when you get your visitors to your blog even if it is one visitor, when you get a subscriber or comments and many more.



 A blog coach or partner is very helpful especially when you are starting as a new blogger.


Try connect with some successful bloggers who have been in this journey longer than you and seek for help. Social media groups for bloggers are the best place to find a coach and a partner. A coach will guide you and help you fix and overcome some challenges.


On the other hand, having a blog partner is also a good idea. A blog partner can be your friend or peer who is also a new blogger. Since both of you are on the same level of blogging, it is very easy to exchange ideas and discus some challenges and solve them together. Blog partner can help stay motivated.



 Lastly, always remember to take some rest. It is very important to take a break especially when you feel some negative thought. I don’t mean you should take a week rest or a month rest, but apply a strategic rest in other to maintain your motivation.


Sometimes you may feel like giving up. But when you have such negative thought, the best thing to do is to take a break rather than giving up. Give yourself some rest to refresh your brain which will help stay motivated and consistent.  



As you have started your blog, just know that it requires patience, creativity, consistency, and determination. It might seems to be easy, but it is not.

When you feel like your blog is not moving, you need to gear up your motivations by reading how to stay motivated as a new blogger. It will boost your emotion and help you stay committed to creating an engaging content on a regular basis.

Always remember that motivation and consistency will help you grow your blog and achieve your desired result. You can follow the tips I gave in this article to regain motivation. Don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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