How to Find the Best Blog Topic

How to find the best blog topic

The biggest issue facing new bloggers is ability to find a topic to blog about. This a problem that need to be solved. So in this article I will give the details on how to find a blog topic.

As a new blogger, you might be asking yourself questions like: what will I blog about? How can I find the perfect topic for my blog? How will I find the most profitable topic?

If you are asking yourself those questions, this article have the answer to it. I will go further to tell you what to do if you want to talk about multiple topics.


What is a topic?

A blog topic is what you want to write about.

Why do we need a topic for our blog?

A topic help you to attract audience and maintain a consistence engagement. When you focus on a topic and write quality content, your visitors will keep coming back to your blog because they know what to expect from you. Without a topic, there is no blog.

Note: try and choose a single topic if you are just starting blog for the first time.


 To find the perfect topic for your blog, there are many things to be considered.

They are as follows: 

1. Consider your passion


When starting a blog, consider writing about something you are interested in, something that you will drive joy talking about even if you are not making money out of it. If you make mistake here, you will give up easily because it take time, hard work, patient and consistency to build a high profitable blog.


You can equally start a blog on the topic you are interested in learning and as you learn the topic, you start putting down your documentation inform of blog posts.

The question you must ask yourself before picking a topic is: how long have I been interested in this topic?

If you just saw a popular and profitable topic and conclude that it is your interest and passion, you will give up in a short time. Make sure you have been interested in the topic for a while before you start to blog about it.


2. Consider your knowledge


Assume blogging as teaching, so you need to have some knowledge on your interested topic. If you check many blogs you find out that it is either teaching a particular topic or sharing information. You need to have a good knowledge of your topic in other to create good quality content and build trust with your audience.

You don’t need to be an expert in your preferred/interested topic before you start blogging. But in some topic like medical or dietary advice, you need a formal education.


3.Consider the topic popularity and demand

The question is: Does the topic you are going for have audience?

Before concluding on a particular topic to blog about, check if people actually search for your topic, how many people are interested in your topic and how popular it is.

To check the popularity of your topic, just do a simple Google search by googling your topic to see what shows up in searches. If much result shows up, it means you have gotten a popular topic. This will also help you see your competitor and review what they do.

But to explore more about your topic, you can use keyword research tool like ahref, ubersuggest and many more. They will give an in-depth analysis on your topic and show you the monthly search volume and the keywords.

NOTE: Don’t choose a topic that has no competition. You can easily dominate the topic but you will have little or no visitor.


4. Consider the profitability


How do you know a profitable topic?

Once the topic is on demand and also popular, it is going to be a profitable topic. Another factor that contribute to a topic being profitable is the type of audience you are targeting. Are you targeting audience that are will to buy the product and services that you will promote?


Let’s go further to discuss some Profitable topics


I believe that almost any topic can be profitable if you choose the right audience to target.

All topics are profitable if target the right audience. But some topics have been proven to be more profitable than others. According to Brandon Gaille research on blogging income, he drafted a list of some profitable topic. They are:

  • Personal Finance
  • Marketing
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel


5. Consider if the topic is evergreen

Evergreen here simply means always on demand. This should be what to have in mind when choosing a topic. You will not be happy if you choose a topic and after one year nobody is talking about it and your visitors disappears into thin air. Consider choosing a topic that will always be on demand even if it is not popular.


NOTE: Combination of your interest, knowledge and demand/audience as mentioned above will help you find a great topic to blog about.


After you have found that great topic to blog about, it’s time to perform a good research on your targeted audience. Also check your competitor’s blog and social Medias to see what they are doing. Join forums and Facebook groups on your topic to see what people really want from it.


If you have chosen a broad topic, you can narrow it down and focus on one aspect of the topic. Then make your blog unique as possible.


On the other hand, if you want to blog about one topic, start multiple blog each talking about different topic or start a multi-topic blog.

If you choose a multi-topic blog, make sure that the topic are related. For instance, you can blog about digital marketing, personal finance and business ideas. You can see that there audience are related and the topics are related to each other.



To find the right blog topic for your blog is the first and the most important thing to do as a new blogger. You can start a multi-topic blog but make sure they are related to each other. I believe that I have given the details on how to find a best blog topic. If after reading this article and you are still finding it difficult to choose a topic, let me know on the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with friends.


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